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15% Off Anthias!

These fish are often found in groups in the thousands shoaling over tropical reefs. A single male will have a large harem of females and when he dies the most dominant female will change into a male to take his place. Anthias are plankton feeders needing to be fed a variety of plankton, cyclops, mysis and brine shrimp. They make a stunning display in the reef aquarium.

15% Off Brichardi!

Brichardi are a beautiful African fairy cichlid from Lake Tanganyika. They may look delicate but they are quite territorial especially when in mated pairs. These fish have an amazing social hierarchy with fish off all ages helping to raise the young. We have lots of Brichardi in stock, so we are offering them at 15% off. Don't miss out!


15% Off Chameleons and Chameleon Products!

Fascinating and eccentric, chameleons are some of the most unique reptiles on our planet. Not only do they have mitten like feet, long sticky tongues and swiveling eyes, but they can change color depending on their mood. Chameleons do have specific requirements but as long as those requirements are met chameleons make wonderful display animals. Come on in, see the chameleons for yourself and we can help you with any questions you have about these amazing animals


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